What’s In My Bag?

by May 17, 2021Blog0 comments

Not everyone is big on carrying and lugging around a bag, pouch, book bag, fanny pack, etc., right? I know I definitely hated carrying anything until I realized my essentials list was growing larger by the week!! I originally started off with my keys, lipgloss, a mask (due to the pandemic of coursed!), and my phone. Then it increased slowly. So, let’s get into what’s in MY bag, shall we?

I definitely need the basics with me as well as the obvious. This includes keys, wallet, spare charger, and phone. Then the add-on’s would be lipstick/lipgloss, brow gel, hand cream (L’Occitane’s Almond Hand Cream), cuticle oil (Josie Maran’s 100% Argan Oil, which happens to be a multipurpose oil!), water, my iPad (being that I work from it a lot of times, as well as read books on it.), a small perfume, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and mascara. YIKES!! I know that’s what many of you thought as you were reading this but trust me….. It’s needed, lol. Most of these items are small and don’t really require a large bag too, so don’t go thinking I’m carrying a “carry-on” daily, lol. I’d like to know what you guys carry in your bags and deem “essential” for your day to day routines, feel free to share and I’ll post some of your responses on my social media platforms!


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