The importance of cleaning your brushes and beauty blender

by May 17, 2021Blog0 comments

Let’s face it, constantly doing our makeup and using the same brushes and sponges can lead to breakouts and bacteria. It is very critical that you clean your tools and follow through on making it a habit at LEAST once a week. This is the skincare side of me speaking of course. Our faces are sensitive and so we should treat it accordingly. We don’t wear the same underwear every day right? Well, at least I would hope not lol. So why would you use the same tools to do your makeup every time without proper cleansing of them? If you are prone to breakouts, you ESPECIALLY should be taking proper care. Plus, with this pandemic MASKNE is at a high!! Masks cause so much bacteria buildup from the moisture and reusing of masks that the breakouts occur as well from it. HELP ME HELP YOU!! Make sure to take a look at my skincare line and get what’s best for you and your type of skin! 


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