Setting and Achieving Wellness and Self-Care Goals

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Setting and Achieving Wellness and Self-Care Goals

The pandemic drove home the importance of good health for everyone, pushing self-care up the priority list for 75 percent of Americans. You, too, may be feeling the urge to focus on your health. After all, that’s your ticket to staving off illnesses, not to mention it makes you more attractive and helps you to feel good in your body.

Achieving true wellness is harder than it sounds, though, and involves more than hitting the gym a few times every week. It’s more holistic and involves looking after all your needs, not just physical ones. You’re more likely to achieve well-rounded wellness if you plan things out and set and achieve health-related goals. Beauty with Jaylee explains how below.

Which goals should you aim for?

Well-rounded wellness is looking after your physical, mental, as well as emotional needs. If your beliefs allow, it also includes spiritual needs. Any wellness-related goals you set should address these four quadrants. Some examples of goals you should set are exercising, eating better, getting better sleep, spending time with friends and family, and starting a meditation practice. J. Flowers Health Institute explains all the dimensions of wellness in detail, including a few aspects not mentioned here.

How to motivate yourself

According to, only 8 percent of people manage to achieve their goals – many give up halfway and some even fail to start. Motivating yourself consistently is key to achieving your goals. This takes practice and constant effort – it’s natural to get dispirited when faced with a challenge. No challenge is insurmountable, though. Some suggestions for improving your motivation levels include focusing on the rewards, appreciating everything you do for yourself, keeping an achievement journal, and making sure your self-care activities are things you enjoy.

Creating a wellness or self-care plan

You probably lead a busy lifestyle. It can be challenging to find the time you need for wellness. A wellness plan can help you get in the self-care you need while still meeting your various obligations. For instance, you can plan a few minutes of self-care activities at intervals during your day. Also, having self-care activities for the week on your calendar will make it easier to meet your goals.

Making your home cleaner, happier, and healthier

Having a clean and happy home has an enormous impact on your mind, body, and heart. It gives you more energy as well as peace of mind. Just like with your body, you need to actively take care of your home. Vacuum regularly to prevent allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses, and get rid of dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens while you’re at it. You should clean frequently. It’s ideal you vacuum hardwood floors once a week and carpets twice a week. If you have a pet that sheds, you should vacuum at least every other day.

Groom yourself

Looking good is key to feeling good about yourself, which also impacts the rest of your well-being. Grooming yourself regularly can help you in this regard. You should dress to impress and look after your hygiene. Beauty with Jaylee offers professional grooming services  – we help you create a look that suits you and also maintain it.

Building and maintaining meaningful relationships

The quality and strength of the relationships you share with other people have a massive impact on your emotional and mental health. If you engage with positive, uplifting people, then you’re more likely to feel optimistic and joyful about life. Negative and toxic people can drag you down, on the other hand. Frequently spending time with your familyis a good idea – it helps you to feel supported and accepted.

Pushing forward toward your career goals

Getting ahead in your career is essential to achieving financial stability and independence, which is integral to your wellness. As such, regularly assess your job performance, set career goals, and attempt to push yourself forward. You can sharpen your skills by going back to school to enroll in an online degree program. For instance, if you’re aspiring to be an educator, you could learn about instruction practice and learner development, along with knowledge in particular subjects you’d like to teach, with a bachelor of education. Online degree programs make it easy to continue working and still keep up with your various studies.

Evaluating the results and holding yourself accountable

You must keep track of your progress when it comes to your wellness goals. You’re likely going to fall short of many of your targets – and that’s okay. Nobody is perfect, and, as they say, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. Identifying where you’re falling short and taking steps to get better is par for the course. Be sure to hold yourself accountable – be kind but firm with yourself about sticking to your resolutions.


Being in good health is a process – you may need to build yourself up to it if you’ve never had a wellness routine before. Starting small and treating it more like a marathon than a sprint will help you to stay motivated. Encourage yourself and be kind to yourself. Teaming up with friends or hiring a wellness coach will increase the effectiveness of any fitness plan, not to mention keep you motivated.

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  1. J. Sanchez

    Wow! Very thought provoking. You bring up really important areas for me to focus on that I mayyy be ignoring and making excuses of being “too busy”. Thanks for making me think about this right before New Years Resolution season lol

    • Beauty with Jaylee

      Good to know it served its purpose! We have to do better when it comes to ourselves and our over-all wellbeing! Perfect time to reconsider, make some adjustments, and apply! We’d be surprised at how things tend to take a different turn for us just with those simple adjustments. 🙂 Thanks for reading and sharing your feedback!


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