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Personal skincare consultation where we discuss your needs, your concerns, and your goals. In person and virtual consultations available.

Skincare regimens (price varies depending on your personal needs but start from $50 and up). The regimen will entail a breakdown of how to manage your concerns and problem areas. This includes any dietary changes that may be affecting your skin, as well as the topical aspect of it. The regimen will provide you with the products needed, where to find them, how often to use them, how many times a day, etc. This is a very detailed and in depth plan. If you would like for me to order the products for you and have it sent to your residence, an additional fee will be charged as well as the coverage cost of products.


Personal haircare consultation discussing your needs, concerns, and goals. I must know your hair texture so this consultation is best when booked in person. 

Haircare regimen (price varies depending on your personal needs but start from $70 and up). In depth regimen where I provide you with the necessary treatment plan as well as the products you will need. The regimen will breakdown how often to use the products and how to use them for a certain period of time. You will be given a list of the products and where to find them. If you would like for me to order them for you and send them to your house, an additional fee will be added as well as the product cost. 


This consultation is based on your skin type. You can tell me what you’re looking for in a product and I will tell you which is best for your skin. Some people cannot use certain brands or kinds of products due to cystic acne, keratosis pilaris, clogged pores, blackheads, etc.

This consultation will provide you with what kinds of products are best for you. 


Do you want to change your look but don’t know where to start? It happens to a lot of us and that’s because we don’t see ourselves how others see us.

This consultation provides you with a better understanding of your body type and what works well with you. Not everyone can wear what the models wear. Some of us are curvier, fuller, and are proportioned differently. No matter what your body type is, there is a STUNNING look for you. Want to catch attention and break necks? Want to get out of the plain Jane routine? Need help accessorizing better? Let me help! We can also discuss me being your personal stylist (rates vary depending on your need and specifications).

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