Men’s Skincare

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Men’s Skincare


Many men tend to view skincare as a feminine thing. The truth is men’s skincare is just as important! Skincare overall should be a daily priority. Which means you should not wash your face with the same soap bars as your body!!! I don’t care that they make 3-in-1 soaps for men. It is just not sanitary and puts the bacteria from your man holes, onto your face!! Ewww, gross!! The skin on your face is not the same as the skin on your body. Therefore, they should not be treated the same!

In case you didn’t know, men’s skin is different from women’s skin. For one, men have facial hair and a stronger bone structure. Because of this, they produce more collagen and elastin fibers; which leads to thicker skin. Thicker skin results in less wrinkles. Also, where there’s more hair, there’s more oil. Because men have facial hair they also produce more oil. Oil traps moisture and that leads to youthful looking skin! The downfall to that is, oily skin is acne prone. Men may experience less skin problems because their texture is rougher and able to withstand daily abuse. Their method of exfoliation? Shaving. I bet most men didn’t even realize that! 

However, this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t incorporate a good skincare regimen to their daily routines. Cleansers are a must! Not a soap bar that you used on your body, but an ACTUAL cleanser for the face. they promote healthier looking skin and are much less harsher than soap bars. Soap bars dry out the skin. That tight feeling you experience after washing your face does not signify that your skin is clean. That’s a clear sign that your face is drying out. Whatever you just used sucked all the moisture out of your face. A cleanser is very gentle on the skin and does not strip the skin of its moisture (at least our cleanser most certainly doesn’t.). 

Moisturizing would be the next step. A clean face allows for a moisturizer to penetrate the skin. Moisturizing also provides you with anti-aging benefits alongside hydration, suppleness, and elasticity. It is best to moisturize after shaving, washing your face, or showering so that the moisture can absorb the product quicker. 

Sunscreen…. Something I am constantly reiterating to people! It most definitely should be applied daily but it’s the most ignored step in skincare regimen. DID YOU KNOW…??? Men over 50 are twice as likely to develop melanoma than women?? A lot of people do not see sunscreen as a preventative measure until it is too late! 

This is a quick “on the go” skincare regimen for men since beauty doesn’t seem to interest the handsome beasts. But for those whose interest I have piqued, you can add an under eye cream and antioxidant as well. We all can see how thin the skin under the eyes are which can lead to more wrinkles and fine lines (crow’s feet). An eye cream can help protect the skin from the sun’s damage. Since our skin is exposed daily to pollutants and the sun’s harmful rays, incorporating antioxidants helps repair and protect the daily damage that leads to aging skin. 

Do not wait until you see fine lines and wrinkles to then expect miracles from products you buy. Work on prevention from now! Do mask treatments, chemical peels, exfoliation, etc., at least once a month and keep your skin in tip top shape! Be sure to check out our shaving products as well that are infused with natural extracts and oils to help maintain a smoother, cleaner, and closer shave without drying out the skin or irritating it!!

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