Looking and feeling your best is an inside job!

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Looking and Feeling Your Best is an Inside Job

Nobody looks and feels great all the time, but most of us want to do the best we can, which varies from day to day. While there are many things we can do to look and feel better, the strongest motivation comes from inside us. Finding contentment and joy can make many aspects of life better. Read on for some tips from Beauty with Jaylee on how to follow your internal cues.


Let Your Curiosity Lead You


Being curious can open up new worlds for you. Think about starting a new hobby. Is there something you’ve been interested in for a long time? Or, maybe something you’ve recently become interested in is tugging at your attention. Research cited by the University of Reading has shown that people who pursue hobbies are less prone to depression, have more and better social connections, and may have stronger cognitive skills than those who do not. Would you like to learn a musical instrument, volunteer in your community, or learn some type of art? Are you interested in researching your family tree, restoring an old house, or learning about birds? People who pursue a hobby have been found to have lower blood pressure, lower levels of stress hormones, and less obesity, as well as strong problem-solving skills.


Live Your Values


Throughout life, your values may change and shift in importance. This is normal, and the important thing is to be aware of what is currently most important to you, so you can make decisions about how to spend your time accordingly. It’s a good idea to write down what you consider most important. Then, look at the list and try to narrow it to the top five values. Think about how you can arrange your time around these. Try ranking them in order of priority. Every day find some way to take action that supports one of your values. Living in line with your values can help you set and reach goals, find your purpose, enjoy daily contentment, and develop self-confidence.

You can also find confidence in your appearance. Beauty is certainly more than skin deep, but pampering yourself with a bit of self-care is a wonderful idea. Look into the makeup, skincare and haircare products available through Beauty with Jaylee to put a special touch on how you look and, perhaps more importantly, how you feel.


Spend Time Outdoors


Studies have shown that spending time outdoors is good for physical and mental health. Decreased rates of depression and anxiety, as well as improved memory, focus, and creativity have been documented in people who devote time to activities outdoors. If you’re short on time, consider moving your exercise sessions outdoors occasionally or taking a quick walk outside during your lunch break. If one of your values is community involvement, you might volunteer for litter pickup or trail maintenance in a local park. If your hobby is gardening, this puts you outdoors, and you’ll benefit doubly.


Act on Your Own Behalf 


While most adults would say they already do this, many of us could learn to do it more effectively. We all make choices about how we spend our time and energy.  Remember you can’t do everything, and make deliberate choices about what you say “yes” to. Saying “no” is an important skill. Although most of us hate to disappoint others, sometimes we have to, and saying “no” courteously, honestly, and clearly is the best way to go. Learning to say no can boost your confidence as well as reduce stress in your life.


Create Something


Making things can be very satisfying. According to Brad Brenner, Ph.D., “[T]he way the brain acts during creative activities is similar to the experience during meditation, mindfulness, and yoga exercises.” Whether you are making cookies, a bookcase, a painting, or a potholder, the mental and emotional benefits are the same.


Work from Home When You Can


Working from home can free up time you previously devoted to commuting. This time could be spent on sleep, hobbies, exercise, and connecting with your friends. Many find increased productivity and decreased stress without the distractions of a noisy office.  While everyone can’t work from home all the time, it may be that a few days a week it’s possible for you. Of course, there are some trade-offs, but in the big picture, working from home can benefit your mental health.




Thinking of looking and feeling your best may bring to mind exercise and nutrition, and these are important.  However, the process begins in your mind, so make deliberate choices with your values in mind and watch your life get better.


Article Written by: Shirley Martin


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