Concealer vs Foundation

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Which is the correct way to apply it and what do the experts say? 

So the big debate has always been which one is applied first, right? Some may say the concealer goes on first, while others might say it’s the foundation. Foundation is normally what I do first and sometimes the concealer is what I like to apply first. Beauties, it is all to your own discretion. What do you find seems to be more suiting to your liking? I personally like applying the foundation first because it eliminates the redness from my face and it gives me a  solid base color. Whereas the concealer being applied on first can be wiped off once you add the foundation and you would end up using a lot more product, hence the cakey look finish.

The verdict that many beauty experts have come to is that it’s better to apply a light layer of foundation to eliminate the redness and the blemishes. Then apply your concealer and carry on with your routine. Which method do you prefer?

Concealer and foundation were applied in this image, however the concealer was only applied under the eyes.

Concealer applied under the eyes only and foundation was applied on top of primer.


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