Benefits Of A Lip Scrub

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Benefits Of Lip Scrubs- Do They Work??

Do you have healthy lips? Hmm, let’s find out and see!

I know what you’re thinking, “they’re just lips, put some chapstick on and go.”, but you’re wrong! They’re not “just lips” and they should be taken care of just like any other part of the body. Like the rest of your body, we shed skin daily and so removing the dead skin from your lips should be a reason to use a lip scrub! Scrubbing away dead cells brings about new ones! What does that mean? It means they’ll be feeling refreshed and brand new. Also, using a lip scrub will keep your lips from cracking in the winter and from drying out by stimulating the cells and getting rid of dead cells. Like any other scrub or exfoliant, lip scrubs should be used about one to two times a week. I promote healthy skin and that includes the lips. But I promote healthy skin throughout the year and not just seasonally. Lip scrubs are also good for creating a clean and smooth canvas for matte lipsticks. It minimizes the flaking that some people get when wearing matte lipsticks. However, it’s not the lipstick that’s peeling. It’s the dry, dead, and damaged skin on your lips! Want a better look for the mattes? USE A SCRUB!! See the benefits for yourself! Our coconut lip scrub will clean those lips and leave them super smooth. Guaranteed!


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