Become a Bronzed Goddess with “Angel Glow”

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Indispensable Glow in “Angel Glow” – $32.99 


The Bronzed Goddess Look for the Summertime!

     After a long quarantine period due to the pandemic, many of us missed out on the summer of 2020, right? Staying indoors to avoid contact with people so that we didn’t catch COVID and/or spread it to our loved ones. So now we fast forward to the summer of 2021…. The bans have been lifted and now we want to enjoy most of our summer with friends and family. Why not start the summer looking and being the bronzed goddess that you are? There’s nothing quite like a bronzed glow in the sun. Seeing how the sun reflects off of the products we use on our bodies and the glow we give off from it.

     That’s where all the shimmer, radiant, and luminescent products come into play. Of course there are so many ways to glow out there and I am here to add to the GLOWING effect! Our “Indispensable Glow” all over body powder is exactly what you need! Our “Angel Glow” does exactly what it sounds like. I’ve made the packaging so convenient so that it doesn’t spill out and it gives you easy application without the mess of having it on your hands! With a push to the top, you’ll be shining and glowing in no time! Need to reapply? No problem! The packaging was designed with these things in mind and as a woman who loves to shine and glow, I hated when glitter, shimmer, etc., was on my hands and hard to take off no matter how many times I washed my hands. So, I decided to do something that wouldn’t make a mess and would still give you exactly what you’re looking for! Give it a try, leave a review, and tag us on your pictures and videos! Let us know and let us see the GODDESS from within! 



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