Be a “Vixen” ALL Summer Long!

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Be a “Vixen” This Summer!

With the pandemic coming to an end (but numbers going back up), it’s no secret that everyone is just about tired of masks, right?? I mean, the breathing is one thing but since this isn’t a health blog, let me get to the beauty and skincare aspect of it. The news can cover the other stuff.

Masks have created what we now call “maskne” or as we know it to be, mask acne. I have personally experienced it and I have seen others suffer through it. It’s no fun wearing a mask and then seeing breakouts. That’s when we actually want to wear a mask and hide it from the world!! So this is why I constantly stress SKINCARE on my social media platforms because it is imperative especially during the warmer months of the year. Masks cause more build-up and clogged pores and as a result, you’re left with some visitors on your face. 

Another reason why masks are pains in the… well, you know what… is because our lips get stuck to them!! No matter if you’re wearing lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, etc., you’re bound to get your products on the mask. Who wants to deal with that? So as a result, people stopped putting anything on and were now experiencing dry and chapped lips. 



I decided I wanted to save the day (in the beauty world, that is) and released our LL Matte Cream Lipstick that is NON-TRANSFERABLE! Yes, you read that right! Proven to last all through your dinners, drinks, kisses (people really dislike our lip products coming off on them and/or their clothing), etc.!!! Our lippie was released in two different colors; “Vixen” and “Siren” with many more shades on the way! Your initial application is enough to get you through the day with meals and drinks, I kid you not! Guess what the best part is??? IT DOES NOT COME OFF ON YOUR MASK!!!! No more worrying of wasted product on your masks! No more having the mask stick to your lips! What more can you ask  for? Have your summer fun (safely of course!) and one less beauty issue to deal with!


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