5 Steps To Better Self-Care On A Budget

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5 Steps to Better Self-Care on a Budget

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As self-care becomes more popular, the costs associated with it increase. But an emphasis on self-care doesn’t have to mean extra expenses. These budget-friendly solutions from Beauty with Jaylee will have you feeling rejuvenated without emptying your pockets.

Step 1: Reduce Some Expenses

While self-care doesn’t have to bust your budget, reducing some of your current expenses can help alleviate stress. You may also free up some cash for small self-care perks like getting your nails done or buying new beauty products.

Try money-saving solutions like rebate and cash back apps to save on everyday shopping. You can earn anywhere from $10 to a few hundred dollars with sign-on bonuses, regular cash back percentages, and friend referrals.

Another way to reduce a significant expense is by shopping around for housing. Market fluctuations can mean higher rent and even higher mortgage costs. Consider downsizing if possible to save on rent; check out online listings to compare properties in your price range.

Step 2: Spend Carefully on Big-Ticket Items

If your self-care activity of choice involves an appliance or product, that doesn’t mean it’s too expensive to incorporate into your routine.

Buying smart ensures that you don’t overspend, and investing in kitchen gadgets, workout equipment, and other health-centered products may be worth the up-front cost.

Investments in hair appointments and at-home styling tools can also be worthwhile. Case in point? Elite Daily spoke with experts who agree that changing up and caring for your hair is empowering — just what every self-care guru needs.

When it’s time to pay up for a big-ticket item, read through product details and check out reviews from unbiased sources. Shop around to find the best details (and coupons) or buy used to save even more.

Step 3: Time as Self-Care

If you’re stressed out from living a fast-paced life, sometimes the best self-care is in the form of free time. Blocking off time to indulge is an excellent way to create an environment for self-care.

During your self-care window, try free activities like meditation or yoga to center your body and mind. Studies show that yoga and meditation can help you deal with stressors in daily life — and they’re completely free.

Other ways to spend time on self-care without spending money include going to bed earlier, journaling, or just going for a walk or relaxing in a park.

Step 4: Invest in Low-Cost Self-Care

Fragrant bubble baths and face masks are popular ways to unwind and enjoy ‘me time,’ and there are many other low-cost ways to pamper your body and mind.

A new lipstick color can boost your mood, a moisturizing hair treatment can give your locks new life, and a day spent practicing simple makeup looks can help you bring out your best features.

One-on-one beauty consultations are another affordable way to embark on a self-care path you can keep under budget. Learn what products to use to complement your skin type and hair, then take that regimen home and keep feeling your best every day.

Step 5: Make Self-Care Both Routine and Special

Some aspects of self-care — like getting adequate sleep and drinking enough water — should be part of your daily routine. After all, developing healthy habits is a must for long-term happiness and health. Of course, it takes time and effort to make those things into long-term habits.

But other ‘me time’ activities can happen less often and will feel special because they’re infrequent. Scheduling occasional self-care activities helps them feel like a reward and a break from daily life. You’ll have something to look forward to and more time to save up if needed for those special doses of rejuvenation.

Although self-care can feel indulgent no matter how you do it, ‘me time’ doesn’t need to break your budget. By cutting costs and choosing inexpensive ways to pamper yourself, you can feel your best even when life becomes stressful.


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